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Starting synergy automatically?


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Trying to use Synergy2 with Linux (Mint 18.1) as server and Windows 10 as client

When I used Synergy 1.8 I only had to use ONE mouse and ONE keyboard because Synergy autostarted with linux before even logging in as a user ( by having a .desktop file in the /xtc/xdg/autostart folder)  and in Windows the synergy service must have started before I logged in - so I could use the mouse and keyboard to log in to my windows screen too.

Now however, I have to use a second keyboard/mouse to login to Windows because it seems that synergy2 doesn't start until after login. Is this teething trouble or have I got a setting wrong?

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Just for a little clarification, you are not yet using Synergy 2. That's not a product yet. You have loaded an incompletely developed version released to test parts of Synergy 2 that have been coded so far. In fact, a lot of the code in beta 4 has been stripped out and fully rewritten in the pending beta version 5.

Your purchase, however, supports the continued development of Synergy 2 and gets you financial consideration when Synergy 2 is marketed. Lots of participants have 'bought in' to the beta testing program but stepped back to the stable version. They are still able to give a quick test of each new beta version as it drops and keep it if it works for them, or drop back. 

If you have beta 4 working on Mint, Kudos! beta 4 really didn't like my Kubuntu 17.04. I am one of those who stepped back to 1.8, anxiously waiting for version 5. Nick has focused it on making sure it works well for Linux distros.

The beta 5 is expected to be able to autostart.

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