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Nice blue window with grey square in the middle.


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I have a nice blue window with grey square in the middle on one of my machines.


[ Config  ] [2017-10-10T16:40:10] DEBUG: connecting to service
[ Config  ] [2017-10-10T16:40:10] DEBUG: connected to service
[ Config  ] [2017-10-10T16:40:10] DEBUG: new added screen pos: xxx xxx
[ Config  ] [2017-10-10T16:40:11] DEBUG: Profile ID: xxxx name: default
[ Config  ] [2017-10-10T16:40:12] DEBUG: current version is update to date
[ Config  ] [2017-10-10T16:40:12] DEBUG: requesting profile snapshot
[ Service ] [2017-10-10T16:40:12] debug: connecting websocket
[ Service ] [2017-10-10T16:40:12] error: can't send profile snapshot, not yet received from cloud
[ Service ] [2017-10-10T16:40:33] debug: tcp client connect error: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
[ Service ] [2017-10-10T16:40:33] debug: websocket connect failed
[ Service ] [2017-10-10T16:40:33] debug: retrying websocket connection in 3s
[ Service ] [2017-10-10T16:40:36] debug: retrying websocket connection now
[ Service ] [2017-10-10T16:40:36] debug: connecting websocket
[ Service ] [2017-10-10T16:40:57] debug: tcp client connect error: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
[ Service ] [2017-10-10T16:40:57] debug: websocket connect failed

How about some clues what exactly fails here?
Where is Synergy trying to connect? Symless? Client/Server? Telemetry? Spyware server? Something else?
There is no configuration, no information to go on. I really do not want to run Wireshark just to see what in the world this thing is trying to do.

I have been using Synergy in a fairly restricted environment with specific IP and port configuration to crawl traffic through. As an interesting twist, this connecticity issue is on a more open side of things, machine in more restricted network space seems to be connected fine.

Btw, from wiki:
Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs

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Toomas, What OS are you using? Your log says one has made the cloud connection but the other installation has not. There a bunch of troubleshooting stickies at the top of this forum. Start with this one: https://symless.com/forums/topic/4167-preliminary-troubleshooting/

If you are on Win>Win, I would suspect a firewall blocking in or out or both. Go Here:  https://symless.com/forums/topic/4208-how-to-use-with-windows-firewall/#comment-17610

It's not unusual to have to uninstall/reinstall. If you do so, it's important to do a thorough uninstall. I'm a fan of Revo Uninstaller (there are other such programs) that searches out the left-overs and helps you get rid of them. It's nothing you can't do by diligent searching of your HD to get rid of all Synergy files after the standard Windows uninstall.

You will also see several references to restarting. sometimes it just takes several restarts to get started. Sorry, it's a beta version made for testing.

If you throw up your hands and want a refund,  [email protected]  is prompt. But think about it. By opting into the beta program you have financial consideration when the finalized version of Synergy  2.0 is marketed. If you just drop back to the stable version 1, you still have your investment in a discount later.



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Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. The second machine (that appears to work, at least the square in green) is running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

I went through some of the troubleshooting you reference:
1) 2) Restarted Synergy, computer.
3) Where exactly can I find the IP config field in Synergy 2 (as well as port config because I will need that)?
4) Local firewall never stopped Synergy 1.x. There are obviously other firewalls in play in my environment but Synergy 1.x works and I know a configuration I can use.
5) Reinstall is a stupid solution. Why would I want to reinstall and perhaps more importantly - why would you want me to?
There are important questions here - What went wrong? What can be done to fix this, especially if other users might run into the same issue. Is there something that can be done on the product side that might alleviate these issues? (this is a beta and that should be the goal, after all)?
6) Seems to be common enough.

I feel Symless is just throwing away its fairly good reputation and a lot of goodwill from the community. Synergy 2.0 that might at first glance be expected to be a newer, better, improved version of Synergy compared to current 1.8... is not. Beta should be feature complete-ish, this one is not. There are several important enough features missing (configuration?), there seems to be a number of issues and troubleshooting is difficult.

Please think of your current (of future expanded) support team and:
1. Document, how things work. What addresses are contacted, which protocols, ports. How are things (IP address, port, encryption?, names etc) configured (even if it is beta and all that happens in some random config file).
2. Logging currently lacks any useful details, even on what appears to be debug-level logging. For an example, see the complete log (!) above. Where is it trying to connect, address, URL, port, protocol?

If advanced cleanup or Revo uninstaller is needed to get the Synergy 2 beta functional, this surely needs to be reported and investigated.

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Toomas, As a volunteer moderator, I am sharing troubleshooting steps that have worked for me and for others on the forum in the past. Obviously, some might not be necessary for your setup but not harmful either. As a troubleshooting practice, a clean install just works best for any investigation. There are time-consuming ways and quicker (free) ways that I mentioned.

Just to clarify expectations. This is not Synergy 2. That is not a product yet. It is expected to be marketed near the end of 2017. it will likely have many of the features you listed that you are looking for. Those who 'buy in' to the beta testing program are able to test incremental, beta, incompletely developed, versions and report back to developers their experiences. They also will have some financial consideration for the final product. Many who enter the beta program promptly step back to the well known stable version 1, waiting for a more completely developed beta or the final version 2.

Since you have a Win to Win setup, you should be able to use beta 4 very well. Send us your logs to look over. The first line of investigation would likely be the Windows Firewall settings you mentioned being familiar with. Look over: 

I think with just a couple of tweaks beta 4 version will fit into your Win 2 Win system very well. You will probably experience a little snappier response that is...forgettable. You will be pleased.



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The problem is not with my expectations. The problem is that it does not work and there is no useful information that I am able to relay back to Symless about it. "It's broken" is all that is possible for me to say. Is that feedback useful?

Logs contain what can be seen in the first post - I guess it is connecting to Symless server and then fails to do anything else. I did look at the network traffic for a bit and it confirmed that this is exactly what happens (TLS so I could not really see too much details about what's being transmitted with quick look). I wish I knew where it is trying to connect or what it is trying to do but I do not have a slightest clue. And Syngergy does not give me one either. :(

Firewall is not the problem here, even when I turn these off on machines themselves, nothing changes.

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