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Copy of log needed from someone with beta4 working


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If anyone has beta4 working could they post the log file from their 2 machines in response to this.

Trying to debug this is hopeless because I don't know what to expect to see.

I'm assuming I've got some sort of connectivity/firewall error but I don't get any messages to support this. 

My log file is the same on both machines (except the last line which I got when I pressed F12)

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T12:52:47] DEBUG: connecting to service

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T12:52:47] DEBUG: new added screen pos: 257 161

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T12:52:48] DEBUG: Profile ID: 5300 name: default

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T12:52:48] DEBUG: current version is update to date

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T12:52:48] DEBUG: requesting profile snapshot

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T12:57:12] DEBUG: forcing current computer to be server


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Not quite answering my own question but I have it working outside of company VPN.

I needed to start /usr/bin/synergyd manually on Linux and start and stop the service a few times on Windows.

New version seems quicker but v1.8 worked within my company VPN, as far as I remember without any configuration changes. This version doesn't.

My company blocks things like vnc and Teamviewer, I wonder if this is the issue here?

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