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A bit confused, all screen grey and s2 not working at all

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I've installed S2 some days ago and didn't try it immediatly for a lack of time. What I've noted is the totally lack of configuration option, but I said:"It will do anything by itself!"

I've installed S2 on 2 mac and on 1 W10 PC, no one of them asked me to select to be server or client.

Now I'have 3 grey screen, as you can see here http://take.ms/UtbzY, and S2 doesn't work at all.

I've tried to uninstall S2 from all the device (on mac using appcleaner to detect all files related to the app) and reinstall, but nothing has changed. 

I'd like to be able to use the app and I'd like to remove my macbook from the screen, but if I click on the grey screens nothing happen, I can change their position but nothing more...

Can you help please? 

I looked for the log in my mac but I can't find it, if you say to me how to find i'll attach log to this conversation (on the top of help page there's written to press tilde (that should is \ in my italian keyboard layout) but nothing happens.

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