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Setup and dual versioning?


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I have been using Synergy for a pretty long time, around 1+ years and I would really like to contribute to the beta and help out the developers. However, I pretty much need synergy to work in order to operate on a daily basis, so I was wondering if it was possible to have both synergy 1 and 2 and be able to choose when to run one?

So moving onto some of the problems I have noticed upon initial setup.


The first time I ran the program, it showed me a previously setup device, my mac, along with my current pc, although I was still unable to connect and move my mouse on my second laptop. I then tried to restart synergy 2 and this time, although, on my mac, there still remained two green-lit laptop indicators. This is what appeared on my "host" laptop. 


Another quick note: I am having problems trying to install synergy2 on my ubuntu machine. I had a previous version of synergy 1 installed so I removed it, then downloaded the ubuntu 64-bit program from the downloads page. However, when I click the install button from the package manager, it doesn't appear to be synergy2 but rather my previous version of synergy1. Any thoughts?





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