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[Linux] Fedora 26 Startup command is wrong

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So I noticed that synergy on Fedora 26 was starting up as this:

[ Service ] [2017-10-09T19:50:40] debug: starting core process with command: /home/user/synergys -f --no-tray --debug DEBUG --name tauriel --enable-drag-drop --profile-dir /home/user/.config/synergy --log synergy.log -c /home/user/.config/synergy/synergy.conf --address :24800
[ Service ] [2017-10-09T19:50:40] error: failed to start server core process: execve failed: No such file or directory

Notice the


instead of just


Which results into the error on the second line. So I run the command above omitting the /home/user/ before the synergys and it worked.

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