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Cannot Alt-Tab on client


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I just noticed that I cannot alt-tab on the client from the server keyboard. The keys work independently as expected, and the local keyboard does alt-tab just fine.

Windows key combinations do work, and oddly enough control-tab works in tabbed browsing on the client.

Server: Win 10 Home x64

Client: Win 8.1 x64

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I tried to set the client to be the server and it seemed to work. Here is what I did.

Went to the 8.1 client and hit F12. Had to restart the services on both machines a few times before I could connect them back up.

Once I got them back connected I was able to navigate from the new server and Alt-Tab as I should. I swapped back to the Win 10 server and the functionality was no longer working.

Server KB: Razer DeathStalker connected via USB dongle

Client KB: Logitech K4000r Wireless via USB

Both keyboards are set up as standard keyboards, nothing special. The Razer keyboard does come with software that allows me to change settings and mappings on it, but I have not altered the default settings which has it set as a typical keyboard. In case someone discovers this and asks, it does have a gaming mode that allows you to disable certain keys (WIndows, Alt-Tab, Alt-F4), but since I play in a maximized window mode on the second screen I always leave this disabled.

I also have a Razer Orbweaver, but that is mapped to regular keys from the keyboard and only gets used inside certain software (games, video editors, music software) but not in the shell.

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I just enabled the log window on the client (Win 8.1) and when I hit Alt-Tab the logs show:

[ Core    ] [TIMESTAMP] INFO: found key in group 0

But it also give the same message when I hit CTRL-Tab and Win-R or Win-X

And I just noticed that just like Alt-Tab, Win-X does not function either.

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I have decided to run a testing battery of common key combinations that I use often. Should I create another thread for this or keep it here?

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