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Preliminary Troubleshooting

Kelvin Tran

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This applies to Synergy 1 and Synergy 2 users.

Alongside any other troubleshooting guides or examples that Symless gives you, please follow these troubleshooting steps as they'll save time for the community members and help give those members a foundation in order to help you.

1.) Restart Synergy - I can't tell you how many times a simple restart of the Synergy process will help. If it's Synergy 2, end it through Task Manager or Activity Monitor (on macOS). On Linux, the different distros may make the termination process different (plus, I haven't used Linux in years and don't plan to), so check for your specific distribution of Linux. 

2.) Restart your computer - If restarting Synergy doesn't help, restart your computer as this will perform a flush of cache (in RAM) and services. It will also reestablish your DHCP lease and IP address, critical if you want Synergy to work.

3.) Make sure your IP address is correct. - Because I've copy-pasted this for Synergy 1 from Synergy 2, I will cover both of the versions for this topic. If you are still on Synergy 1, check if auto-configuration for your client is on. If it is, turn it off and go to your server. If you are on Windows, press Windows key + R and type in "cmd" (w/out quotes). You'll get the command prompt window. Type in "ipconfig" and hit enter. Find your network card and the IP address associated. Ensure that it is not an APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing), or zeroconf self-config IP (APIPA from Microsoft is the 169.254.x.x subnet) address. If it's not, go ahead and enter the IP address into the IP config field for Synergy. If you're on Mac, go to a terminal of some form and use ifconfig. Look for either eth0 or wlan0 (ethernet and wireless) and your IP address should be listed under that. It will not always be eth0 and wlan0, but most times, if you don't have more than one of each, your main will be 0. But, if you run virtualization software, you will easily have more than 1 network card listed (for your virtual NICs) and you will have to confirm. If auto-config is off, check for typos or IP address changes and if that doesn't work out, switch auto-config back on.

4.) Firewall and Security Settings - If your server process cannot communicate out or if your client process cannot communicate with your server, it is possible that your firewall, security settings/policies, or other security solutions may be blocking Synergy's communications. Try disabling those security solutions and firewalls or setting them to allow all incoming communications that's addressed for your system. If this turns out to be your problem, save yourself the time that you'll take to post! Go back to your security solution/firewall or group policy and add the Synergy executable to the whitelist of processes. Please be aware that in a business, you may need to escalate up to a system/network administrator in order to have them change their group policy/network security software to have it allow Synergy communications.

5.) Reinstall Synergy - Completely uninstall all files from your system that pertain to Synergy and do a clean reinstallation. This may help to repair corrupted files and core processes that are failing to start on your system. 

6.) Check if this issue is a known bug - If all of the steps listed above did not work, check the forums to see if the issue you're having is a known bug. If it is, just know that Symless and @Nick Bolton's team are working on it and will release an update that fixes the issue. You will have to wait, unfortunately.

If you have attempted all the steps above and cannot get everything working (and it isn't a known bug), go ahead and post on the forums! The community will help you to pursue a resolution to the issue that you're having. Just go ahead and mention this post so that the people helping you will know what troubleshooting steps you've tried. List your FULL logs (not some screenshot) and additional troubleshooting steps you have attempted besides these. Let us know through your post what version of Synergy you're running, server and client hardware information, what operating systems you're running on the client and the server, and other information that may be helpful. Please note that on Synergy 2, you have options to send your full log through a link that will improve the readability of your logs, since they have the tendency to be extremely long.

Additionally, Symless has tech support! If you'd like to try tech support (officially) first, you can contact [email protected] and work with them before you come here if you'd like.

If you are completely unsatisfied with your purchase, Symless is happy to offer a refund through [email protected] 

Happy productivity!

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