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Hi there at Symless,

I use synergy for ages now.

With synergy2 you provide/propose some "cloud" features (for easy conifg etc).


Please provide some (meaningful and relevant) information about the privacy and security of my data:

I don’t want to transfer any unencrypted data -especially keyboard data of course ... - through the net/cloud services.

Since keyboard sharing needs deep trust in the tool, I need to be able to operate the software "offline" in LAN without any data leaking into “the cloud” or where ever outside of my network.

I don't even want to send status data some where when and where a coputer is connected or not.

Is this guaranteed by symless? This is probably critical to European users.

What type is the encryption used and who holds the keys?


Thank you


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synergy 2 will need the cloud, no data is stored in the cloud, only the config.

if you want to has complete offline access to synergy look into the synergy-core(CLI) its basically synergy without the UI and cloud.

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