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feedback on synergy 2 beta4


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thought it might be nice for the devs to know that everything works fine :) I am running win10pro with latest creators update (beta4) and osx high sierra (beta4) and they just work... shock horror haha. i have them both on the same network. opened synergy on both. both auto found each other. flipped from grey to green. and it just works haha. like magic. i would have liked some options but i suppose that will probably appear in the final release. all i can say is that everything runs super smoothly.

much better than synergy 1.x where you had to configure server. find the IP address. ask the client to find the server etc etc. and pray it would work. even if i quit the program. and have the PCs on the same network, they just seamlessly find each other again without opening the program. it might have some service running which allows it. thats great. maybe not so great if you intended to use the computers separately at different times but for me, whenever i am on this particular network (work), i will want the same setup as i have right now.

only niggle i can think of is that on my osx side i actually have 2 monitors. not sure if synergy is supposed to figure that out or not?? still works smoothly so not complaining. but devs might want to know. also slight keyboard lag as i am typing this message i realise. lag perhaps? if you want logs i can post them

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MacOS - Parallels issue

Parallels modifier keys issue is still present. Reported to have broken with the Mission Control key fix in 1.8.6. Some of us never use Mission Control, but would like to have modifier keys work in our VMs on 2nd metal machine. 

Setup: MacBook Pro with Parallels 11, MacPro with Parallels 13, both running 10.11.6. Both machines running same version (currently beta4).

Symptom: Modifier keys work on all macOS apps, fail on remote mac VMs running under Parallels (all VM OS - Windows, Linux). No Shift, Control, Alt or Option.

Reference: Andrew Reynold's post

Confession: I know I should be using VMware...

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