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Remove & Rename a Machine


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I'm on beta4 at the moment.

Is there a way yet to remove a machine, as I currently have one that's not needed and it looks like Synergy periodically looks for it.

I also have one that has the wrong name as I installed Synergy on it after an OS reload and before I changed its name to be correct, so I assume a remove and add would solve that or is there a rename function?


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When I was running beta3, I renamed a computer. Synergy saw it as a new machine in the system. So the UI still showed the old box with the old name. I just slid it out of the way and it caused no problems. When I tried beta 4, that old named machine didn't show up anymore. 

Give it a shot and let us know what happens.

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it  should have been in beta 4, but they didnt do it. the whole beta 4 was kind of a mess really. maybe beta 5 of 6. or even final release.

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A restart later and the names are correct but I'm accumulating a stack of unused machines on the side now, roll on beta 5 +.

It also seems that if you reuse an existing name after an OS reload it doesn't like it and won't allow the cursor to move to that box. Could have been something else though, but lack of time prevented me looking further.

thanks all

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