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Dual monitor system on server - setup server & client


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I run a win7 machine, which shares mouse and keyboard as server. The machine is set up with dual monitor, so the desktop consists of 2 screens each 1280x1024px

below that dual server monitors a laptop is set up as a client, with screen dimensions of 1280x800px

So the laptop monitor is exakt 1/2 as wide as the dual monitor setup on the server.

The automatic setup of synergy2 now does the following in the servers config:

section: links
    down(0,100) = myclient(0,100)
    up(0,100) = myserver(0,100)

which means when moving from the laptop monitor *up* my mouse will be on the host screen either on monitor A (left side) or monitor B (right side), depending on it's position where it leaves the laptop monitor.

In synergy1 I used same screen setup and changed the config that way, that moving upwards from the client to host *always* ended up on monitor A, while moving *down* from host to client only was possible from monitor A and not B. (I use the secondary monitor on the host for displaying logs and other information, so it's perfectly fine for me when moving between both machines is happening on the primary host monitor and the client monitor only)


I changed the servers config as follows:

section: links
    down(0,50) = myclient(0,100)
    up(0,100) = myserver(0,50)

but it gets overwritten as soon as the synergy2 program on the server is started. I helped myself now with removing write access from the config file (set the r flag) and it seems to work. But I don't think, this should be the final solution :)

Idea: either make the monitors in the setup window resizeable somehow, or at least give us some text boxes where we will be able to alter and override the automatic setup.

I am totally aware that this "advanced setup" may counteract your idea of easy set up for the tool, but the automatic setup does not always cover all use cases...



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