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Can't get it to work at all


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Hey Ben, I'm not laughing, just smiling. In fact, I'm glad you found that hot-key.. It's not very visible, though it is mentioned in many of the posts in this section of the forums. How do you like the new version so far?

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I literally just installed it this morning so just kicking the wheels. I'm thinking my issues was I installed the beta on both machines nearly simultaneously. Not sure how the new software chose which machine to make master (maybe from old config on 1.8?). But it did get it correct.

One thing disconcerting so far is I don't see any where to look at settings? But since it is working, it isn't a show stopper.

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Yeah, that's the idea with Synergy 2. After all the beta testing is done and the product is released, a new user should be able to just install it on their computers, Synergy will connect them and your several computers become one super-system. Install, arrange the monitors and forget it. There is, however, promised some configuration pages where one can see what has happened and if necessary, do some troubleshooting. But for the vast majority of us, install it, use it/forget it. I understand the IT-minded will have some tinker-ability but the tinkering won't be required for the home user to get working.

You can glance over these notes for a better understanding of some points. https://symless.com/synergy-2-beta4-troubleshooting 

Keep us aware of your experience with Synergy 2 and look forward to the release of beta 5 next month.


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