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Server: Windows10 Pro.  Client: OSX 10.13

My Mac was originally OSX 10.12 linked to Synergy 2.  It crashed.  I rebuilt the OSX machine with 10.13.  When I reinstalled Synergy 2, the old configuration of the 10.12 machine was still present, but showed off-line.  I would like to know how to unregister/unlink the computer configuration that does not exist any more.  I would think that under my account page, I can see what computers I have linked with the ability to delete them.  I can see myself using Synergy 2 with multiple computers--yet on a temporary basis--and needing to delete the registration later.

Also, on a closely related issue, I use the hostname naming conventions for my computers:  "FM-ABCDEF-PC", "FM-ABCDEF-MAC", and "FM-ABCDEF2-MAC" but the Synergy 2 dashboard only shows the first 7 characters.  Therefore, I see the three computers on my screen, "FM-ABCD...", "FM-ABCD...", and "FM-ABCD...".  I hope you can appreciate the humor in trying to figure out which is which.  (Luckily, the dead computer always showed grey and off-line.  The other two I need to test with trial and error while the PC and Mac didn't want to communicate.)



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Extended hostname display is a planned tweak in a later version, be it beta 5 or 6.

As for removal of devices is also a planned feature to be added as well. However simply stable connectivity was of higher priority here, as you can currently do what you did there,  moving it out of the way of other devices at least until that is implemented.

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