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Setting up Synergy 2 with hot key switching


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Is there a way to setup Synergy 2 like Synergy 1 where you can flip screens with a hot key. For example i have my original setup to use the Alt+1-3 keys to change between my 3 machines. I do this because on one machine I play video games and when bump the edge of the screen while in a game, it will flip me to my other machines. Having it set to only switch when on the key commands prevents this issue from happening.

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stuart macmillan

Hi Jking,

The easiest method in Synergy 2 is to use the Scroll Lock key. 

When you are on a machine and press the Scroll lock it locks the keyboard and mouse to that machine until you turn Scroll lock off. I find this to be the best method of using Synergy as you can move freely between machines until you decide to lock it.

Hope this works for you.


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