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The GUI is too light


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Hi, I like and understand the minimal approach that S2 is aiming for, however it alienates those of us (power-users) with experience of S1.

My use case is Synergy installed on 3 devices: 2xDesktop (OSX+WIN64) and 1xLaptop (OSX)... the desktops are in home-office and work-office and are both servers to the laptop. When I tested at home (OSX+OSX) it worked first time and I thought, "this is cool, it'll save me having to tweak the settings when I move desks"; however once I arrived at work it fails (OSX+WIN64) and at first glance there isn't anything I can do to fix it (there probably is, but there's no guidance in the app on where to start)

Going forward, I hope there will be the return of some kind of network settings override, for example being able to force a static IP for the client to connect to.. something for the power users who know how to manage local firewalls, static ip's, cross-over cables and the like.

If the strategy is for power users to use a config file (CLI or similar) might I suggest doing something like keybase as I don't imagine I'll be alone in expect some kind of settings page.CqwShj2UMAABxtf.png


As I've got a deadline, I've rolled back to S1 as that works fine for both my use cases and will provide logs etc later to troubleshoot the issue (this post isn't about about that).

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  • Synergy Team

We do intend to add a settings screen. We know we won't get it 100% right, but we want to get as close as possible before adding settings. We'll then start adding settings based on the most popular demands.

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