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Switching keyboard layout


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Synergy run at Debian 9.1 (as client and server). How i can switch keyboard layout (actually "why keyboard layout in client not sync with server")? My /etc/default/keyboard config (in all workstations):



Tried to use ctrl+shift - nothing changes. In all this variants input in English. If i remember correctly, in previous branch (1.x) you send keycodes to client, how it works in 2.x? In logfile no items about switch layout. May be i missing something - please, tell me way to search this messages. I try to search in forum, but nothing in result.

Thanks a lot! You make great app. (And sorry for my bad English).

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Any updates on keyboard layout?

I have locked myself into Programmer Dvorak recently and every time I have to go back to qwerty I feel my Dvorak vanishing. qwerty is a hard habit to kick, been using it forever.

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  • Synergy Team

Synergy 2 is now out of beta. The early access forum is now locked.

Still need help? Please email us: support@symless.com

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