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Not connectable after boot up


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After booting up my laptop, the connection was dark on the desktop (server?).

Had to restart service on the laptop twice to get the laptop to show up.

Logs, pre-connection:

From Desktop:


From Laptop:



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FlatlineBB, It's not unusual to have to restart a couple of times on initial install. Also, first time around, the connection to the cloud server is not immediate. Takes a few minutes sometimes for connection. 


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Yes, I read that already in the troubleshooting article. My case is not the same. This was not an initial install. I installed yesterday and used it for a few hours without issue. Then I shut down my work laptop, it being Sunday and all :) The problem occurred this morning, after booting up the laptop again.

After booting up, I let is sit there for a few minutes, with a working network connection, and it never started to work. With the old version, the laptop would be available almost immediately after booting. In fact, I got a notification that my backup software, which backs up to the cloud, that it just finished an incremental file backup, so I know the laptop had a working network and Internet connection.

So I consider this to be a bug and is why I posted logs. If something worked in version1 and doesn't work in version 2, that's a bug, not a feature ;)

Developers and IT techs - always seeing things from different perspectives :)

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