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Beta4 Clients Fighting to be Server


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I appear to be connected, but after moving the mouse into the linux screen (it works for a few seconds), I get sent back to my main screen. Here's the log (also, the logs are public readable, that's a bit concerning): 

Linux System: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-09-22/1710-2017-09-22T11-57-31.log

Windows System: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-09-22/1710-2017-09-22T12-01-23.log

I can also (sometimes) get my mouse from the Linux system to the Windows system. When that works, it stays connected. However, even using F12 to force the Windows system to be the server only results in moving the mouse into the Linux screen, then it fails.


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