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Switching to right client with multi-monitor server


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I have three monitors: two in front of me, and one above. Windows identifies the primary monitor as #2 and the secondary monitor above me as #1.

The third monitor, which is used as the client display, is positioned to the right of the primary monitor.

I want to move the cursor to the right edge of the primary monitor to switch to the client display on the right.

However, when I set up the client-server positions interactively with the server in the center and the client on the right, nothing happens when I move the cursor to the right edge of the primary monitor. If I move the cursor to the secondary monitor and then move to the right edge of the secondary monitor, only then does the cursor switch to the client display.

Currently, I have Synergy set up so that moving the cursor to the bottom edge of the primary monitor switches to the client display, but this is fairly unintuitive.

How do I get Synergy set up correctly to handle multiple monitors?


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