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I second the need of the advanced configuration options, as I am a power user. I only choose programs that I can customize or alter the setting for to fit my usage scenarios. And typically if something does not meet that need, and I can make it do it, I will with supplemental apps coded in a variety of languages. Like making things portable when there exists no portable version originally, or extra hotkeys or the sky's the limit. AutoIt3 is my friend for much of that augmentation. I simply hope there will be no need as it will naturally present options for configuring it.

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i would like to add the ability to select what parts of what computer move to other computers was vastly superior.  I have a 40" 4k screen, and 2 20 inches above.  I can not configure an easy way for this to work seamlessly.

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16 hours ago, TOoSmOotH said:

Would be nice to have some sort of advanced user option that would give you access to the config similar to 1.8. There are some machines I would like to bypass the auto discovery on and point them directly to a server. (Split Tunneling reasons) 

I wanted to test 2.0beta, but I can't get any access.. I assume it's due to one of the machines are on a split tunnel vpn. 

Let's please have some way of adding an interface or IP address to select how to access it.


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  • Synergy Team

It's more likely related to the bugs in beta4. Actually, beta5 should automatically handle split-tunnel networks fine. No need for manual IPs.

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