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Cant Activate PRO on Ubuntu 16.04


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When I install the Ubuntu deb package on Ubuntu 16.04, it installs fine but there are no "Activate" options. If I check the version it appears that version 1.6.2 is installed, as opposed to 1.8.8 which is the package that I downloaded. Anyone else having this issue??

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As I am a macOS fanboy and have not even touched the realms of Linux (let alone Ubuntu) in years, I wouldn't know the answer to this question. Others may be of more assistance to you. 

However, if you are impatient and would like to resolve this ASAP without waiting for the variable wait times until you get a response from a community member more knowledgable about this issue, you can contact support@symless.com to open a support ticket with Symless.

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Be sure to uninstall any version of synergy that could have been installed via apt-get using "sudo apt-get remove synergy"

After that, install the dpkg file with "sudo dpkg -i synergy_install_file"

And the option to enable synergy sould be in the menu via File -> Activate

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