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Lan connectivity or symless cloud only


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Good Morning,

I want to start off with saying, I know this is beta and things might not work fully. I also will admit I didnt read every forum post, but did see a comment that this wont work yet if the cloud is down. This might be related to that and at the very least I wanted to point out my use case for consideration.

My work laptop has two NICs, One for the corporate LAN and Internet, and the other for an apipa I have to connect to my mac mini that is connected over a crossover and then connect to the internet over wifi to our guest network and allows me to access personal email and test code from an "external" connection back to the public facing side of our work ( from the work laptop it would route internally) - See picture attached.

I'm getting this error because our IT guy thinks he knows what he's doing and blocks egress traffic on the corp network. . . 

[ Service ] [2017-09-20T10:51:12] debug: tcp client connect error: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond


So my question is - will there be an option to manually setup what interface to use / listen on - and one that doesnt require Internet access to configure ( again manual is fine I had my own config figured out on synergy 1 ) Could there be a port selection on what to use when connecting to symless cloud perhaps ?

Thanks and keep up the great work


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after reviewing logs and noticing it never saw the apipa interface address I changed my "symless" interfaces to and respectively and rebooted, they connected and f12 handed over command to the windows server.



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Guest Andrew Nelless

@CapnJoe We deliberately use the same port (443) and protocol (TLS) as any secure website, to maximize the chances that you can through a corporate firewall. Beta4 unfortunately just shipped configured to use a test port. It was an oversight.

Beta5 may also contain a lot of new networking work to make peer to peer connectivity more robust.

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