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Hide Synergy automatically, or at least allow easier hiding

Darius Yang

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Can Synergy be set to hide automatically? We just want it to run in the background so we can forget about it.

I use the MacOS and Windows version, but have to hide the windows version every time.


Also, the only way to hide it is to toggle to "Window" tab and click "hide". Why can't it be hidden upon closing or minimizing? It's just taking space on the taskbar.

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You can set a hotkey to do this for you, not necessarily in Synergy itself though (I haven't dug into it enough to know) and additionally, as far as I am aware, this issue is mostly fixed in Synergy 2, as the execution of the service and application are done differently. (Don't kill me if I'm wrong, please.)

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I would like to have a function "hide to notification area" on windows again.

This could be a property - is it set then the client minimizes not to taskbar but to notification erea. I've seen this with some of my other tools.

... and there of course I would realy like to see the context menu start/stop again.


Just for context ... when gaming it is mostly necessary to stop synergy. games do not like it when cursor leaves to next screen.

As soon as one stops playing - one needs the synergy function back.

Some of my games block ther SCROLLOCK key. Now I play them in "window mode" - I would "prefer full screen mode.


Put it in "nice to have".

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