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Linux Mint Cinnamon no synergy.conf


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Hi guys

This is fun! I've pretty much exhausted my limited knowledge of Linux internals and following Nicks updates and digging around myself this is what I've found so far:

~/.config/Symless/Synergy/synergy.conf does not exist and creating an empty file doesn't help (it was worth a try)

starting synergy2 at the cli results in apparent success until:

qrc:/ActivationPage.qml:65:21: QML Image: Binding loop detected for property "sourceSize.height"
qrc:/ActivationPage.qml:65:21: QML Image: Invalid image data: qrc:/res/image/symless-signin-button.svg
"[ Config  ] [2017-09-19T16:25:12] DEBUG: current version is update to date" 

*** Error in `synergy2': free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000000ecb040 ***

/var/log/Synergy-service.log contains

[2017-09-19T16:06:04] info: starting service...
[2017-09-19T16:06:04] debug: connectivity test server started
[2017-09-19T16:06:04] debug: creating rpc endpoints
[2017-09-19T16:06:04] debug: rpc endpoints created
[2017-09-19T16:06:04] info: service started successfully

Any ideas where I go from here?

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