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Feedback - 2 Ideas


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Synergy two has been great and so far, apart from getting it working, I have had no problems.

My first idea would be to link up all audio to the server so a youtube video for example played on one computer comes out the speakers of the server.

The second is that when in an environment where your mouse is used to turn 360 degrees (such as a game), you are unable to turn the whole way due to it tabbing you out as it puts your curser on the other computer - It would be great if Synergy realized that you were in this type of environment and would not do this as the only way to get around this is to close Synergy.


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does synergy1 have "captured mouse" detection? if so it shouldnt be that hard.

and the audio part is really usefull to, although I would also like settings for audio, does that work?

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5 hours ago, stuart macmillan said:

Hi Jet,

I fully agree with the audio idea as do many others:


I use scroll lock when playing games to lock the cursor on the current screen. Not sure but maybe this can be implemented automatically in a 360 degree environment..


Awesome Thanks, yes that works.

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Audio would be interesting, but I think that the possible latency issues that could come from that could cause audio to become quite out of sync with the video. Also presents a major overhead of network usage doing that. Perhaps a toggle if implemented would be ideal. Not a feature I am looking for, but a feature I can see the merit of nonetheless.

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