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Pre-purchase questions (upgrade / join when stable)

Manuel G.

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Hi everyone,

I am interested in taking the offer for Synergy 2 beta.

However first I'd like to sort out the following...

- I bought a Synergy 1 license less than 1 month ago. Any chance to convert it v1 -> v2? Paying double within a month doesn't seem reasonable to me...

- Will Synergy 2 be also available as open source (to compile manually)?

- Is it possible to take this offer and then use stable version only

Thanks in advance

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Hi also everyone, and greetings from europe,

just a question to your sales policies for Synergy II.

What is the reason for this course of action to try to sell a "new" product to old customers and contributors?

And I ask like Manuel G.: Will Synergy (which I used as a piece of free software long times before your company started taking care of the code ...) stay open source?

Hmm, not really happy with this "evolution" ...





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2 hours ago, Nick Bolton said:

We'll be announcing this in November.

announcing what exactly? 


Also, can you reply on the possibly to upgrade the synergy 1 license? 


thanks in advance 

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