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Latest Beta - VMWare and WIndows not registering click


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Hi, Beta4 has reintroduced a bug,

I have 2 windows 10 machines. The second machine runs Ubuntu (17.04) within VMWare (Workstation 12 Player - Free version) within Windows (10).

The main host is the Windows machine with VMWare.

When I run VMWare full screen, and then go to the other machine, the system doesn't appear to be passing the clicks across.

This worked on 100% all the time on Beta3. It appears to be temperamental as in it worked on beta4 yesterday but not this morning. It doesn't work correctly in version 1.

I hope you can track this down.

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  • Synergy Team

In Synergy 1, the core process runs as your user, same for beta3, but in beta4 it runs as admin. I wonder if this is related? Unfortunately, I have no workaround other than perhaps disabling the integrated mouse feature on VMware?

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