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Synergy 2 beta4 is where?

Karl Egas

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I go to the post from yesterday for download the beta 4 Synergy 2 but the link take me to the version 1.8?  It's a joke?

Today I received a email from Symless asking for money to access to the beta, another joke?

Please I cannot use this app on my Mac since the version 1.8, the 1.9 RC3 did not work too.

Thanks for give a valid link



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I understand the pricing for beta esp if they upgrade to full pro after release... The only problem I had with this was when I saw the email it appeared it was going to be $5 but when I opened the email it was $15... just felt mislead even though it is stilll a good deal.  I wonder if there will be a lower price for upgrading for users to the 1.0 version to the new 2.0

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