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beta4 is not starting Synergy on Linux


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this is the log from the server - Windows 10:

Upload path: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-09-13/137-2017-09-13T17-44-09.log

this is the log from client - Linux Kubuntu 17.04

Upload path: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-09-13/137-2017-09-13T17-43-06.log


Both Client and Server are grey. I  stopped firewall, no change. I stopped and restarted service, no change. Completely uninstalled using Revo Uninstaller, Reinstalled, no change.


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linux version is really unstable, yoou can downgrade or wait for a fix.

make sure the service is started correctly on linux, but I cant get that out of the log files



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  • Synergy Team

@jaap aarts I'm not sure unstable is the right word. The problem is that the initial configuration for Linux is completely unintuitive.

The logs are in...



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