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Synergy 2 pricing


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(Sorry if this is the wrong forum)

The email I received for early access to Synergy 2.0 states that the $19 will include Synergy 2.0 Pro in November. I'm already a basic subscriber of Synergy 1 - will I get the basic Synergy 2.0 update in November, or will I need to purchase the basic version of Synergy 2.0 at that time?

Also, what's the difference between Synergy 2.0 Pro and other flavors of 2.0? Is it the tech support?


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as far as I know:

synergy2 beta testers get pro for free.

upgraders from synergy1 get a discount(nobody knows how much)

this might also depend on when you bought it.


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Same thoughts here - just an email saying 'give us your money' with no real reason why we should, particularly as version 1 works well. I don't mind upgrading for something better but it helps to know what better is. Likewise the lack of clarity in the email as to what will happen to version 1 users in November. 

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