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not able to download beta 4


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not sure if I am missing something...my beta 3 install indicated that I had to download beta 4 and pushed me to the website.  When I click on the MacOS version, I get a beta 3 installation file.  Am I missing something obvious?  My assumption is that the website has not yet caught up with the beta 4 announcement, but I am happy to learn that I have missed something obvious.  



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beta 4 appeared on the website.  So I see it now and have downloaded.

The problem for me was that beta 3 stopped working, provided a link to a web page to download the new beta, but the new file was not yet posted.  A bit of timing mismatch, but in the end resolved.



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  • Synergy Team
13 hours ago, Tec_freek said:

So I keep getting  Xml error when trying to download the beta 4 ask I missing something? 

Sorry, Amazon was having server issues. Could you try again?

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