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Won't connect fully and times out


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I keep getting this:


[2017-09-11T21:01:15] ERROR: server refused client with name "mylaptopname"

[2017-09-11T21:01:16] WARNING: failed to connect to server: server refused client with our name

[2017-09-11T21:01:17] NOTE: connecting to 'ip goes here': ip goes here

[2017-09-11T21:01:17] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.2 22 Jan 2015

[2017-09-11T21:01:17] NOTE: server fingerprint: hex numbers here

[2017-09-11T21:01:17] INFO: connected to secure socket

[2017-09-11T21:01:17] INFO: server ssl certificate info: /CN=Synergy

[2017-09-11T21:01:17] INFO: AES256-GCM-SHA384 TLSv1.2 Kx=RSA Au=RSA Enc=AESGCM(256) Mac=AEAD


I changed/ removed stuff from the logs (IPs, server fingerprints, laptop name). Im also on a college network if that helps, but I know its not blocked because I was using another program to do the same thing. Also the ip address aren't the 192.168.x.xxx that you would have at home.

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