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Connecting Synergy between two computers on a Work Wi-Fi


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I bought Synergy and successfully use it between my Mac and my Windows 10 laptop on my home server. But when I bring these same two computers to work, and am using the same work wi-fi, Synergy no longer works. I imagine it's because my work wifi has a firewall that prevents my two computers from communicating.
My question is what methods can I use to get around this? I heard that connecting my two computers with an ethernet crossover cable will work. Are there any other methods that don't involve cables? I would like a solution that can be done wirelessly if possible. I'm looking for any ideas. Thanks.
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I ended up just using a crossover cable. It was surprisingly straightforward and simple. I'm able to have each computer wirelessly connected to the network but my 2 laptops are connected to each other via crossover ethernet so that synergy works for my software KVM.

On the client side of synergy I had to manually input the other computer's (synergy server) IP address.

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