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Need configuration help.


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Hello every one.

I just bough Synergy and tried to get it set up. Got both of my laptops setup and tried to get things working. Quickly to my discovery and dismay. It didn't work. 2 hours of troubleshooting later and I'm quite frankly: Incredibly annoyed at this problem.

First I will establish my two laptops as just Laptop1 and Laptop2 for the time being until the unit names are needed.

A few things:
-Neither laptop is capable of pinging the other on the network (I'm using a university based network).
-Both laptops have given Synergy complete access to the networks. This cannot be some form of internal firewall issue on either laptop.
-Due to Laptop2 being a huge pain in the posterior right now. I'm unable to use my phone's mobile hotspot to test if its a university internet related issue to fix this. Apparently it thinks today is a good day to be a snob about internet connections
-If I'm unable to resolve this issue, regardless of cause, I will ultimately refund the program since I wont be able to achieve the one task I wish to complete: use one mouse for two computers since im not a fan of keeping multiple mice around my dorm. So if anyone has any means of helping me contact support for that just in case it comes to such an option. Please let me know.

Please let me know of any basic issues that may cause these problems. The computers are clearly not talking to eachother right now. I'm not sure why. I don't think connecting them to the same network switch will improve matters. Thus it just leaves me with the possibility that changing ports may be helpful? I doubt it. I should note connecting to chromecasts does not work in this university due to to the nature of the network. I assumed that its possible that a synergy server may be hostable elsewhere but. I'm starting to have doubts.

If anyone could provide some insight on this matter I would be greatful, as I'm more of a Hardware Expert when it comes to diagnostics/troubleshooting than i am with Networking and how that works.

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