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Can't get Synergy 2.0.0-beta3 working


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I paid for the upgrade and downloaded the beta.


It starts.


There are no configuration options.

There are no buttons to click - it just shows me a dialog box with a rectangle in the middle with the name of my host - clicking doesn't do anything.


How can I configure the beta?


thank you.


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OK - I've loaded Synergy 2.0 on both computers now.  


(Synergy 1 worked great btw on both)


With Synergy 2.0 - both boxes change to Green - but Synergy doesn't work like it used to when I mouse over to the 'other' computer.


Are there special instructions for Synergy 2 ??? - does it work differently than Synergy 1???



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  • Synergy Team

Sorry about that, Synergy 2 should work exactly like Synergy 1, but beta3 has an issue where the computers don't always connect. We are working on fixing this in beta4 which will be available in about 2 weeks. Please email refunds@symless.com if you're unhappy to wait.

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