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 Hello everyone, I bought and installed synergy and I was able to connect two PCs to the same network, but I need to share mouse and keyboard and two independent desktops (different router/network). Is this feasible with synergy?


Thanks a lot

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Jonathan Weinberg

Hi, I don't work for the Synergy group/project at all. Just a user.

I think your question is very network centric, and not really one to ask of Synergy specifically,

You need to provide a ton more information about how the two separate networks are able to talk to each other at all to start with. Else, essentially, you are, to use a non-tech example, asking:

"Hey, I have two different water providers (networks) in my building, I have separate routers (piping) and separate faucets (computers). Can I mix the two water systems before they come out of the faucets?

EDIT (hit submit too soon!)
That isn't something that can really be done, from a client computer software on a network, unless you count going out onto the internet at large if it is capable of doing so and then back in via the publicly facing access of the second network. The two separate networks need to be able to talk to each other from the network layer. You have not mentioned any detail surrounding how that works on your networks, if they can at all.

Kinda see where I'm coming from?

Edited by Jonathan Weinberg
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