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3 Monitors Setup, Mouse issue.


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Hello there :=)

Hope you're fine :)

I just purshased a pro licence in order to configure my Synergy soft.

Here it is My setup

Server (Running under Archlinux) have two screen : S1 and S2

VM (is a Vm running under Qemu in Server) have one screen and works under Windows 10.


Screen layour is like this : 


          |    S2   | 


|  VM  |   S1    |



The client (VM) can correctly connect to server using SSL encryption.

My issue is with the mouse. When I go left from VM to S1  in the middle of the screen, the mouse will go on the top of S2. If I move left just before the middle it will go to S1 bu the mouse is go few centimeter on the top of S1

If I resume when I go left, the mouse will go on left, but this one is decaled.


I think this is a resolution malfunction or a screen positioning problem, bu I configured Synergy like my scheme (on the top of this post).


Is it clear, can any one can help me please ?


Thx a lot :)


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