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iMac (Dual Booted) to MacBook Air


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I would like some assistance with my Synergy setup/connection. 

I am currently running a iMac (Wired) dual booted to windows 10 (left) and a MacBookAir (Wireless) (Right). 

Here is the trouble shooting steps I have done. 
1) Restarting both systems
2) Re-Installing the application on both systems.
3) Attempted to connect via wireless (not ideal as iMac is principal on fibre)
4) Changed iMac to OSX to connect with each other.
5) Matched the same Host and Client IP Adress.

I have the iMac on 192.168.1 on OSX and a different IP on windows but the Macbook Air on

I would love to have both OS's on the iMac compatible.

Please inform me on any thing I have missed or information that is critical to help you guys trouble shoot this with me.


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