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Frequent Disconnects


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I've been using the beta3 build for a while now. So far I have noticed a couple issues.

1. 100% CPU (on one core). Sometimes it seems that Synergy gets into a state where it is maxing out one of the cores on my Laptop (Ubuntu 17.04). I haven't noticed this on Windows or OSX. It hasn't happened today, but I'll try and catch it next time.

2. This one is the most annoying, it happens quite often. The clients seem to just disconnect randomly, waiting 10 or so seconds and it automatically (usually) reconnects. All my computers are on the same LAN so I'm not sure why they disconnect. Sometimes I need to close the app on my host (the one with keyboard/mouse) and restart it. Since my clients are laptops, when docked they have both WiFi and LAN enabled, not sure if this could cause issues.

3. Sometimes the cursor disappears on my host (OSX 10.12.6). If I click the left mouse button it comes back. This usually coincides with #2 above.


I sent my latest logs: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-08-18/601-2017-08-17T21-21-29.log

Also my setup is as follows:

OSX 10.12.6 - Main computer with keyboard/mouse

Ubuntu 17.04 - Laptop (client)

Windows 10 (latest updates) - Laptop (client)



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