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Mouse Disappears, no keyboard. Kali Linux client, macOS Sierra 10.12.6 server

Joey E

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All freshly updated from apt on linux, new .dmg install and download on mac.

Cursor disappears when I move to the linux host. The screen "flickers" like it's become active, and I can draw a "selecting" rectangle on the linux desktop, but the cursor is not visible, and I cannot select foreground apps (terminal, firefox, etc) and if I left one in focus with the hard keyboard/mouse, synergy server-side keyboard/mouse is not able to interact with foreground app.

Blew away the apt- -based install and built from source, issue is the same.


Logs on client are uninteresting.

Logs on server are telling, but not in any meaningful way:

[2017-08-14T12:49:31] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.2 22 Jan 2015

[2017-08-14T12:49:31] INFO: accepted secure socket

[2017-08-14T12:49:31] INFO: AES256-GCM-SHA384 TLSv1.2 Kx=RSA Au=RSA Enc=AESGCM(256) Mac=AEAD

[2017-08-14T12:49:31] NOTE: accepted client connection

[2017-08-14T12:49:31] NOTE: client "client" has connected

[2017-08-14T12:49:37] INFO: switch from "server" to "client" at 1919,534

[2017-08-14T12:49:37] INFO: leaving screen

[2017-08-14T12:49:37] WARNING: cursor may not be visible

[2017-08-14T12:49:37] INFO: screen "server" updated clipboard 0

[2017-08-14T12:49:37] INFO: screen "server" updated clipboard 1

[2017-08-14T12:49:37] INFO: switch from "client" to "server" at -1156,569

[2017-08-14T12:49:37] INFO: entering screen



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I gave up on Mac. (for other reasons).
Installed Win10 on my MBP (it's OK I guess, but I digress).

Installed WIndows 64bit version of Synergy. Made no changes on the Kali Linux side.

Works like a charm.

Synopsis: Mac OSX (ie macOS) version is pooched somehow in that it's not working right with Linux client on Kali. ?? I guess? 
Anyway, no more time to spend on this. moving on.

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