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Synergy 1?


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I purchased Synergy a few months ago and just checked back over the website and my account page to see if there was an update and realized that my account says I have access to Synergy 1. This confused me as I thought that when I bought Synergy I would be getting lifetime access, and I assume future versions of synergy too, and would not have to purchase a new version (example Synergy 2) when it is released. This was part of my decision making when going for synergy pro and purchasing synergy at all.

If someone could help explain this to me and what I actually bought and will or wont have access too, that would be great.

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Licensing clarification from Symless on which groups of users can expect free access to new versions, and when the cutoff dates are, would be appreciated by many users (just search threads for "lifetime", plenty of chatter). Having made the purchase myself nearly 3 years ago, at the end of 2014, I'm curious too. Ear to the ground is all I can do for now, since the beta currently won't even run on the Mac in my setup.

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As dgw said there are multiple threads about just this topic out there, and no real information has been given. We did get some conflicting statements, but even those were vague.

Might be a good idea to lump these all into one thread:


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