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Lock cursor to PC #1 unless hotkey is pressed+held or toggled


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I stream on Twitch.tv using two PCs. 

One PC plays the game, the second PC does the encoding and broadcasting. 

The issue i've run into is that when im playing games on the gaming PC, when I move my mouse to the edge, it will switch to the streaming PC, and I cant control the game until I move the mouse back to the gaming PC. This is a serious issue. 


I tried to setup a hotkey but could not find out how to lock the cursor to the gaming PC. 

Is it possible to enable this behavior somehow? (To make it easier, Gaming PC = PC #1, Streaming PC = PC #2)

1 - Cursor is always LOCKED to the PC #1

2 - When a specific hotkey is PRESSED + HELD, or TOGGLED, allow cursor to move to the PC #2.  

3 - When that hotkey is released or pressed again(Toggle) on PC #1, move cursor back to the PC #1 and lock the cursor to the PC #1.


If that can already be done somehow, I would love to know. 

Thank you! 



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