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Mouse clicking on client not working after latest Microsoft 10 update


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It appears the mouse clic on the client computer k is no longer working after the latest Microsoft update for Aug. (2017-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4034674)).. I can move the mouse for host to computer, however,the left/right mouse click does not work on the client. Let em know if you need additional information.

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For those that are new to this application like I was when I originally posted this issue and since no one responded to my post, I thought I give people an update and a workaround for this issue. It appears it a program feature I guess where if the mouse click stops working on the remote machine, you are suppose to press ctrl+alt+del on the hosting machine (i guess synergy calls this host machine "server") to get the mouse working again on the remote machine.  This issue was reported  back on March 2016 and the work around was posted 17 days ago by vanowm and you can see the post in the link below.


I am surprise why the developers of this product has not fixed this issue by now as it's been 5 months since this issue was logged and I believe the ability to use the mouse click reliably on the remote is a vital function of this product. This issue and the lack of a fix has left me with a bad experience of this product.

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