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No drag and drop


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I cant get the drag and drop function to work. Any suggestions. The knowledge base is no help. I have drag and drop enabled on all screens.

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Chris Bodger

I've been trying to figure this out too. what I've found is that its sporadic, sometimes it will transfer stuff, sometimes it wont. But i have found out you cant transfer folders (getting an error "drag file name is invalid" and "DEBUG: failed to get drag file name from OLE") but i can transfer smallĀ files, including zipped files (sending large ones caused the server to crash). and i can only get files to transfer to the desktop thus far.

Other things i did was disable clipboard sharing and drag and drop file transfers in the server config, then applied those changes and let the server initialise with those settings. I then re-enabled them after my devices connected and hit apply again. as an added measure, i added all the Synergy EXEs to the firewall allow list, just in case it was blocking files being transferred in and out, though i think the real issue is that the server cant fully handle the drag and drop stuff, limited to certain sizes and/or file types

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