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CJK Problem - cannot read configuration


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  my osx desktop cannot read configuration (synergy.conf).

  It seems to be the reason why the windows desktop name contains Korean characters.

  error log 

    ERROR : cannot read configuration "...../synergy.conf" : read error : line 9 : invalid character 0xfffffffeb


    line 9 : DESKTOP-한국어



  I changed the desktop name to solve the problem. But it looks like the old desktop name is still in the cloud. The previous desktop information is loaded into the configuration file.

  can you delete my old desktop information or initialize all my configuration from the cloud?



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Hi @Paul Suarez 

No. It not be fine. 

I saw just two computers in Synergy UI before change my windows machine name. 

Now three computers in Synergy UI include the previous windows machine name. after change my windows machine name.

In my opinion, windows desktop has no problem. just cannot connect to osx machine. 

osx machine cannot initialize UI while loading configuration file. 

configuration file still has previous machine name(contains Korean characters).

and it is same after delete configuration file from osx machine.


please remove my setting information from the cloud server.

thank you~

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  • Synergy Team

@Paul Suarez Seriously?

@Hanmin Sorry, that's a bug. We'll be allowing you to delete and rename computers in the next version. That should fix your issue. Until then please go back to Synergy 1. Sorry about that!

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