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Synergy startup errors, 64-bit Windows

Ken Morse

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Running 64-bit Synergy 1.8.8 in server mode on Windows 10, I now see these errors (config hasn't changed on PC as far as I know):

[2017-08-07T14:52:14] WARNING: detected application not running, pid=14836
[2017-08-07T14:52:17] INFO: activeDesktop:Default
[2017-08-07T14:52:17] ERROR: could not get session id for process id 11032
[2017-08-07T14:52:17] ERROR: failed to get desktop path, no drop target available, error=2
[2017-08-07T14:53:24] ERROR: ipc connection error, remote host closed
[2017-08-07T14:53:27] INFO: activeDesktop:Default

I've verified that the Synergy service is running.

Any ideas on what might be causing this problem?

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Paul Suarez

Please try shutting down Synergy properly first by clicking File and Quit. Then stop the service for 15-20 seconds and restart it. Then relaunch Synergy.

Let us know how it goes @Ken Morse.

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i did the executation and the problem stil.

i don't know if there some conflict with the other network adapter like vmware

Imagem 023.png

Imagem 024.png

Imagem 025.png

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