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Synergy on MacOS


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I have a question around the installation of the Synergy software on the current version of MacOS -- essentially, aft6er I run the install, I can't eject the disk image the installation ran from and the application does not appear to be running from the main hard drive.

If I reboot the Mac, the software does not run automatically so I have to connect a mouse & keyboard if I want to log in which defeats the point of the software.

What gives? Is there a different method to install Synergy on a mac?

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I think you are running Synergy from the disk image... drag-and-drop Synergy to your applications folder, eject the disk image and then launch Synergy. If the disk image appears again then you have created an alias (shortcut in Windows terms) of the application and not actually copied the app. Make sure you have copied the app. Good luck.


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