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Just installed Beta 2 on 2 WIn 10 Machines, 1 LAN, 1 Wifi - It wasn't very smooth. 1st boot showed only the 1 machine on the network on each pc -  after pretty much randomly shutting down and restarting the clients on both machines (didn't save logs but mainly a mixture of Server refused connection (so it could see the other machine but didn't display it in the UI) / 502 errors and could not find screen (ish) the 2nd PC appeared on 1 machine but not the other - after approximately 5 restarts of each client both appeared and the wifi client turned Green. Few more restarts of both and the 2nd machine also turned green. few more restarts and it connected - didn't change any network settings, configs etc it just finally worked - so far so good. I appreciate the efforts to make it a launch and forget system but the average user of a KVM is going to have some knowledge of IT/Networking so think there should be a Basic / Expert switch to allow for more troubleshooting.  

p.s. I noticed it said changed screen shape to 1440x900 but it's a Surface Pro with 2160x1440 - still seems to work ok though! 

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Nick Bolton
13 minutes ago, SmeeHere said:

502 errors

Hey, sorry about that. We're having some scalability issues with our new cloud config server. We're frantically working to fix this now, so please sit tight!

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I've been thinking that also. The F12 claims server status. I was thinking that if it were a 'pop-down' showing the configuration with radio buttons one could change then that would include the ones of us that like to 'get under the hood' 

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