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I recently purchased a license for your symless software but the version i downloaded won't work on my main computer.  I need a link to version that will work with OSX 10.8.5  
I tried calling with no success and i also requested a link from the forum with no success.  I'm hoping i can get one via email. 
Please help!
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Wait, It worked but my scroll buttons on my logitec trackball aren't working.  The drag and drop function isn't working either and there is a lag when on client screen.  What can i do to fix these issues? Thank you

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton

Hey, I'm sorry the drag and drop feature and the scroll buttons aren't working for you.

We're working on improving these features but it'll take a while (probably not until next year). If you'd like a refund please email us: refunds@symless.com

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